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Friends Fonts

Friends Tv Show Fonts

The TV series “Friends” uses a custom-made font for its logo. However, there are a few free fonts that are similar to the one used in the logo.

  1. The Ends font is not specifically designed to mimic the Friends logo font, it can still be a great choice for creating designs that have a similar vibe. The “Ends” font is professional handwritten brush script font designed by Abu Hasnat.
  2. Gabriel Weiss’ Friends: This font is designed by Gabriel Weiss and is a brush typeface. It features 141 scripts and brushes, with punctuation and symbols. This font is perfect for printing displays and official purposes. It has been extensively used in themes and titles to enhance their attractiveness and appeal. You can download this font for free from various online sources.
  3. Minus Cre: This font is designed by Fred Cre and is another good alternative to the Friends logo font.
  4. Berliner Grotesk Light: This font is used on the DVD box cover of the Friends TV series. It is designed by Erik Spiekermann.
  5. Lydian typeface: This font is used in the on-screen ending credits of the Friends TV series. It is designed by Warren Chappel.

Friends Font Generator

While these fonts are not an exact match, they are the closest free alternatives to the custom-made Friends logo font.

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