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The Wingdings font has a great cultural influence. It is a symbolic font published by Microsoft. The real inspiration for this font is rooted back in the 70s. Back then, it was designed by the famous calligrapher Hermann Zapf

He inspired Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes (1990) to make their own digital dingbat fonts, such as Lucida Icons and the Lucida Arrow and Star fonts. The purpose of the Wingding font was to solve the difficulty of using internet images. 

However, images were hard to find, huge to download, and clashed with text. Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes created Wingdings to instantly and easily use images that matched text.

In 1992, Microsoft obtained the right to use these fonts and merged them into one pack. Eventually, the Windows beta used it. 

The name Winding came from the combination of dingbats and windows.


Wingdings font is a set of symbols. Icons represent all things. There are icons to use for almost everything. There are a lot of things you can do with this font. You can make checkboxes, bullet circles, borders, dividers, and even general images.

Also, you can use this font to give a decorative touch to your project for your business card or any decoration. This font is not limited to any use. It is very versatile in its proper use. 

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Wingdings Font

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Font information

NameWingdings font
styleSymbolic Font
AuthorKris Holmes and Charles Bigelow
File FormatTTF
Font LicenseFree

License Information

This unique and interesting-looking font is free for personal use only. So you can download it right now and enjoy it. But if anyone wants to use it commercially or for a big-level project, they have to get permission from the authority.

Wingdings Font Family

  • Wingdings
  • Wingdings 2
  • Wingdings 3

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Font FAQs

What type of font is Wingdings?

Ans. The Windings font is a symbolic font, and it has three different styles.

Is Wingdings Font safe to download and use on My PC and MAC?

Ans. Yes, it is safe to download and use on your PC and MAC. Anyone can use it however they want and enjoy the unique font.

Is there any font as same as Wingdings font in Google Fonts?

Ans. Yes, there is. The closest alternative in google fonts is Libre Barcode 128 Text.

Is it OK to use this on an online platform?

Ans. Yes, it is okay to use it on the online platform. But no one should use it for business purposes.

How to install Wingdings Font on Computer?

Ans. Anyone can install this by following the rules on their PC or MAC. 

Is Wingdings a real font?

Ans: Wingdings is a TrueType dingbat font.

Font Information

Font Name: Kenan & Kel

Designer: Jayde Garrow

License: Free For Personal Use


Release/ Publishing Date2013
Glyph Count48
Supported Languages100+
Copyright(C) Jayde Garrow
Font subfamily:Regular
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