Best Font Management Softwares And Tools That Help Your Workflow

Should you or your business have anything to do with fonts? Fonts management can be so pivotal that your workflow can be overwhelmed and less productive without its presence on your management dashboard.

In this article, we will walk you through what font management is, the facts associated with the topic, why you should take that into account, and what font management software you ought to use. You surely don’t want to miss out on this comprehensive guide. Let’s Get this!

Font Management and Its Importance

As one involved in the industry with substantial activities concerning fonts, it’s pretty probable that you go off the track while dealing with hundreds or even thousands of them. In that case, font management helps you organize the fonts and their usage to increase the productivity of your workflow. Fonts management software works to prevent accidental exclusion of fonts and activation of the ones required at times. Activating fonts as needed has vivid benefits. To add more to what these tools do, it arranges, renames, searches, views, uninstalls, or fixes tainted fonts.

There are different events taking place if we look at font management systems or the characteristics associated with them regarding some of the best-known operating systems.

Mac OS has its font management tool named ‘Font Book’ installed by default. In windows, fonts are installed in a specific folder. However, in Linux, we generally don’t see fonts to be loaded throughout the system beforehand to nullify the need for a font management tool.

Different operating systems have other usable solutions for font management by default. But, these tools can be too patchy to provide you with the sophisticated management you require.

But, guess what? We got you covered! Our guide outlining some of the best font management tools and software in the market is presented to you here.

Top 8 Font Management tools

Here we have some of the best font management tools that boost your workflow:

FontBase (Windows/Mac/Linux)


Despite being the best font manager for Mac, FontBase is a cross-platform font manager for Mac OS, Linux, and Windows.

The very groundwork for FontBase is the activation and deactivation of fonts when required to make sure that they don’t monopolize the system scheme.

Required but missing fonts for different design work or documents are loaded when the app is open, whereas fonts are deactivated once the app is closed. Also, this software allows for a large number of fonts to be arranged into groups for a better experience.

Suitcase Fusion (Windows and Mac)


If you want a professional font manager for your Mac or Windows PC, then Suitcase Fusion truly deserves to be on your list.

Regarding compatibility, Suitcase Fusion supports professional design software- Adobe Creative Cloud, Affinity, and so on. It also allows for syncing via the cloud, helping you avoid the issues about lost fonts. Moreover, FontDoctor checks for tainted fonts.

FontSense technology, included by Suitcase Fusion, ensures the usage of the right font at the right time. Features like Activation and deactivation, depending on the need, excellent font browsing, and previewing make the app a perfect choice for designers and general users.

RightFont (Mac)


Who doesn’t like a fast and lightweight tool to get the work done just right? RightFont is undoubtedly an affirmation of that.

This app facilitates easy allowance for fonts to be previewed, synchronized, and organized in any desired location without requiring installation, and fonts are synchronized automatically from Google fonts.

RightFont, as one of the best font managers, allows filtering fonts by a specified classification. Also, you can create your custom font list for better organization. Moreover, the drag-and-drop feature surely streamlines the exporting and importing process enabling some advantages over Apple’s Font Book and other contemporary software out in the market.

RightFont also provides you with a free iOS app to help you preview and download fonts from any email attachments, AirDrop sharing, and iCloud drive.

It supports macOS 10.11 or above, and you are required to buy a license, but there is a free trial available even without registration.

Typeface (Mac)


CriminalBird’s Typeface is a well-tailored font manager with a primary interface and deeper focus on fonts, allowing easy browsing and a beautiful preview of installed and imported fonts.

A flexible tagging system helps organize more extensive font libraries with more efficiency. With every refresh, newly downloaded fonts are added to the directory assigned by macOS.Manual activation and deactivation of fonts are also available.

The font comparison feature helps users point the little details to differentiate, preview, and make the right decision while choosing fonts for specific purposes. Last but not least, a font filter helps designers and market experts to pick the perfect font for the ideal work.

FontExplorer Pro X (Mac)


It’s an utterly professional tool designed for macOS users. Some of the significant features that make it a complete tool include: font organization by sets, automatic activations and deactivation of fonts to help maintain consistent performance, integrated support for Spotlight, in-depth font information(in up to 25 languages) along with customizable views and overlays, dark mode and retina display optimization, etc.

FontExplorer Pro X supports OS X 10.9 and above and macOS operating systems with a license required to be purchased. Unlike TypeFace, you have to register before you can access the trial session of 30 days.

FontExpert (Windows)


FontExpert is a font manager characteristically designed for Windows machines.

Here are some of the services provided by FontExpert: management for installed and uninstalled typefaces,system-wide error check for fonts, corrupted font detection, keyword allocation to fonts, categorization of fonts for user’s comfort, an effective database for designers, drag-and-drop installation for sets of fonts for better organization, activation and deactivation of fonts, Missing Font Loader plug-ins for Illustrator apps and so on. Such a wide range of features do make this software a pretty viable solution for Windows users.

This software is suitable for 32 and 64-bit variants of XP, Vista,7,8,8.1, and Windows 10.

NexusFont (Windows)

NexusFont - Font Management Software

NexusFont, developed by Junghoon Noh, is an easy-to-understand and free font manager for Windows.

NexusFont has a smooth UI that harnesses the easy depiction method to help users make better decisions while choosing fonts, comparing and managing them. This is a recommendation, perfect for Windows users. (Online/Browser)

If you are a casual user who doesn’t like to face the installation hassles (though they are too little), the best option you can go for will be an online or browser-backed solution like WordMark. that runs from the comfort of your browser.

When you type something, there is a preview shown in every font installed on your computer; lacking the activation deactivation feature makes it lighter for the system-wide discovery of fonts. Also, font selection and filtering help a lot to get work done faster. Its dark mode creates an optimal interface for users.


In this rundown, we tried to cover almost all the essential clarifications related to font management software. To provide you with a better understanding of what the world of font management is like and enrich your library of tools that save your time and transfigures your business and projects. Get down to trying these tools according to your needs and get the best results.