Top Font Conversion Software and Tools 2021

When it comes to making your website or design engaging, optimized, and responsive, there are some pivotal factors you need to look out for. Font formats are one of them. There is a wide range of font formats out there. However, due to the difference in compatibility, not all font supports for all the operating systems, browsers – some instances where the necessity of font conversion software and tools is felt. And you really wouldn’t want to hear complaints about compatibility from your clients or visitors. So, the best thing you can do is find a converter that’s print-friendly and screen-friendly. We’ve listed a few of these tools that stand out from the crowd for the service they provide on the subject.


  1. TransType – A comprehensive font converter 
  2. CrossFont – A windows program to convert Truetype between Mac and PC platforms
  3. Cloudconvert – Your online converter for almost all-in-one conversion
  4. Online Font Converter  Provider of a wide range of conversions for free
  5. Free Font Converter – Allows for quick conversions between many fonts formats
  6. Font Converter – Allows conversions between some exclusive formats
  7. Everything Fonts – Almost all font-related tools in one place

Choosing the perfect font converter can give you a substantial amount of perks when presenting your websites, designs to your clients. Your presentation is nourished when it can manifest the right message with facts like perfect fonts representation. Following the brief list above, it’s time to dive deeper into the list and give you a clearer idea and navigation about those services. Let’s hop into it!

TransType – Quite Cool

  • Universal font converter
  • Easily convert fonts into OpenType fonts as well as CSS web-fonts
  • Play with fonts the way you want
  • Simplified UI 
  • Developed by
TransType Font Conversion Software

Pricings and Download

What we think – It’s a good match for you when you’re in search of a tool that works pretty well and is cross-platform. Works well as you can work in terms of a wide range of fonts and typefaces.

CrossFont – Good one

  • A cross-platform and good amount of conversion scopes
  • Freemium product
  • 15 days trial for evaluation
  • Perpetual license
  • Developed by Acute Systems
  • Rated 5 out of 5 by ZDNet

Pricings and Download

What we think – It’s an overall good match for the use of font conversion in terms of a range of fonts between Mac and Windows. Allows modification of preview texts, automatic search for fonts in the zip archive, etc.

CloudConvert – Popular converter tool

  • Upto 25 free conversions/day
  • All-in-one online solution
  • High Security with good API
  • Powerful conversion
  • Developed by Lunaweb Ltd.
Cloud Convert

Pricing and Download

What we think – An all-in-converter for all types of conversions, including font conversions. To exceed the daily limit of conversions, you have to pay a few bucks, depending on the amount. But it’s worth it.

Online Font Converter – Simple free tool

  • Free tool
  • Easy conversion
  • Simple API
  • A good amount of conversion scopes
Online Font Converter

Pricing and Download

What we think – A free online tool that has a simple API and easy-to-use service. Give it a try.

Free Font Converter – Quickly gets it done.

  • Quick conversions
  • No installation hassles
  • Works for well-known formats
  • Lesser-known formats support
Free Font Converter

Get the service here.

What we think – It’s an excellent choice for you if you don’t want to face installation troubles and get the work done quickly.

Font Converter – Free and nice

  • Free and online service
  • Simple use URL or files
  • Auto-hint feature
  • Wide range of formats
Font Converter

Get the service here.

What we think – Allowing for exotic formats to be converted, this service works fine as cross-platform. It would be best if you didn’t mind giving it a try.

Everything Fonts -All Font tools in one place

  • Online tools
  • Free and simple UI
  • Use from the comfort of your browser
  • No installation fuss
Everything Fonts

Get the tools here

What we think – This online service has the capability of providing you with the kind of conversion you need. With the simple UI, it has to offer, you can quickly get your work done.


Fonts have the power to influence the viewers’ perception. And, compromisations in the case of font conversion can considerably affect your design and content. If you want to send the desired message across in a way that is just right, you’ll be able to secure the SEO ranking or the perfect manifestation of your design to evolve as a market leader. This guide is tailored as your one-stop solution to finding the best font conversion tools that will keep you ahead of others.