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About Fangsong Std R Font

Fangsong std r font is a fantastic typeface that was produced and published by Adobe.
Depending on where you use it, you may come across minor variations within the call of this typeface. Here’s what you should look for. The Fangsong std r font is a popular typeface that may be used in a variety of languages, including Chinese. Any document can use this typeface as the default font.


This Adobe Font can be used for both personal and business purposes. The attractive font is available on Adobe Fonts can be utilized in logo design, online design, internet publishing, video production, and broadcasting.

When it comes to streaming web fonts, there are a few things that all platforms have in common. So the first big decision you’ll have to make is whether or not using a streaming web font provider for your website is a good fit for your project. Fangsong std r font can be a suitable alternative for web font streaming in general. Implementation and use are simple, and anyone with a basic understanding of programming can handle it. Users have no idea what you’re utilizing and can’t tell the difference. Thankfully, Adobe Fangsong std r font has an excellent track record of staying online.

This font is completely free. Many project designers will benefit from this font. The user interface makes it simple to see which font is being used. It’s simple to use the font matching and appearance tools. According to web analytics, this typeface is one of the most widely used fonts. Load times are usually quick and consistent.

License Information

You can use the font for all of your publishing, commercial, and trading projects without any restrictions. Install the font on your computer or mobile device and use it for all of your projects.

Font Information

NameFangsong std r font
StyleUnique font
File FormatTTF
Font LicenseFree for personal use

Fangsong std r font Free Download

Because it was released under the Proprietary software license, you can use this font for free in your projects. By downloading the font from the provided URL, you can get all of the paid and free features.

Supported Languages

Chinese, Afrikaans, Albanian, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Zulu.

Font Family Includes

This font family includes only one member

  • Fangsong Std R.ttf

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Font FAQs

Can I Use This font Commercially?

You may use this stunning, one-of-a-kind typeface for free to create gorgeous projects. There are no restrictions on using this typeface in your works due to the lack of a license.

Why Is this font so Popular?

This font is well-known because it was made available as an Adobe default font. It grew in popularity and acceptance from there. Furthermore, the fact that you may acquire this font for free on your computer contributes to its appeal.

Is this font a Good Font?

From the beginning, it has been a widely trusted and admired typeface. You can’t deny the incredibleness of this font. It can also be used in a professional setting.

Who Designed this Font?

This font is published by Adobe and can be used for projects to make it more eye-cating to the readers and available to maximum languages.

Where You Can Use This Font?

When it comes to fonts, you have a lot of options. The typeface can be used in small-size texts, publishing, newspapers, assignments, official work, documents, and covers, among other things.

Font Information

Font Name: Kenan & Kel

Designer: Jayde Garrow

License: Free For Personal Use


Release/ Publishing Date2013
Glyph Count48
Supported Languages100+
Copyright(C) Jayde Garrow
Font subfamily:Regular
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