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The Calisto Font is a display font. The designer of the Calisto font is Ron Carpenter. The Calisto font family includes upwards of 200 attractive bold letters, encompassing capital, lowercase, digits, common punctuation marks, stylistic variants, monetary indicators, and modernized symbols, with 178 distinct characters and 1024 subunits. A comprehensive screen, font size, and font family are also included. This Calisto Font was founded in 1986.

This font can also provide quality service for 74 different international languages, including German, Latin, and Cyrillic. Photina Font and Romana Font have similar characteristics to this font. The Calisto font is available for free on this website for any private purpose.


The Calisto Font can be used to create unique designs, covers, shop, and store names, and logos. The Calisto Font is perfect for unique branding ideas, home décor designs, product packaging, and a stylish text overlay on any background image.

Many well-known websites and companies use the Calisto font on a regular basis in their project design. This typeface is ideal for any exhibition and body text group project because of its aggressive display style. This typeface can be used to make logos, album covers, commercial and greeting cards, certificates, fashionable layouts, art design concepts, frameworks, webpages, weblog designs, software designs, advertising projects, and much more.

This works great for headers and headlines of just about any size, as well as simple text. You may use this font to make your restaurant names more appealing by using this font. This Calisto typeface is popular among Youtube personalities for thumbnail images and channel graphic designs.

Font information 

Have a look at the information about the Calisto Font.

Name Calisto Font  
Style Display Font
Designer Ron carpenter
File format OTF, TTF
Front license Personal and Commercial use
Type Free

License information 

The Calisto Font is free for personal use. But to use this Calisto Font in for commercial usage, you have to purchase a verified license.

Similar to Calisto Font

These are fonts that are similar to the Calisto Font 

  • Semper Font
  • Times Font
  • Times Ten Font
  • Game of Thrones Font
  • Dutch 801 Font

Download Calisto Font

You can grab the exclusive font of the Calisto Font for free. Click the download button to the right to get the Calisto Font.

Calisto Font family 

  • Calisto Regular
  • Calisto Pro Italic
  • Calisto Pro Bold
  • Calisto Pro Bold Italic
  • Calisto Std Regular
  • Calisto Std Italic
  • Calisto Std bold
  • Calisto Std Bold Itali

Calisto Font pairing

You can pair the Calisto Font with the fonts given below.

  • Calisto Font + Romana Font
  • Calisto Font + ITC Mendoza Roman Font
  • Calisto Font + Photina Font
  • Calisto Font + Thorndale Font
  • Calisto Font + Bitstream

Supported language 

These are the supported languages of the Calisto Font.

English, Occitan, Arrernte, Portuguese, Somalia, Tahitian, Sami Tongan, Creole, Cheyenne, Faroese, Tswana, Nahuatl, Southern Votic, Hungarian, Tetum, Sicilian, Romanian, Aragonese, Hiligaynon, Uyghur, Kurdish, Breton, Southern Shona, Rotokas, Swedish, Northern Cebuano, Saxon, Slovak, Ndebele, Lombard, Romanian, Albanian, Estonian, Volapük, Ibanag, Interlingua, Indonesian, Walloon, Slovenian, Oromo, Aromanian, Megleno, Italian, Tausug, French, Mohawk, Veps, Lithuanian, Tagalog, Turkmen, Manx, Papiamento, Arapaho, Swati/Swazi, Warlpiri, Alsatian, Hopi, Haitian Danish, Greenlandic, Low, Romansh, Icelandic, Iloko, Malagasy, Romance, Hawaiian, Gilbertese Kashubian, Sardinian, Corsican, Lojban, Norwegian, Dutch, Piedmontese, Galician, Latvian, Polish, Yapese, Chamorro, Pisin, Turkmen, Croatian, Jerriais, Potawatomi, Luxembourgian, Maori, Creole, Creole, Interglossa Southern Cimbrian, Czech, Samoan, Sotho, Bislama, Norfolk/Pitcairnese, Irish, Scots.


What type of font the Calisto Font is?

Ans: The Calisto Font is a Display, and the Calisto Font was designed by Ron Carpenter.

Can I use the Calisto Font on my website?

Ans: Yes, you can use the Calisto Font on your website, but this Calisto Font is only for personal use.

Is the Calisto Font a free font?

Ans: The Calisto Font is free for personal use, but for commercial purposes, you need to get permission from the authorities.

Can I download the Calisto Font on my PC and MAC?

Ans: Check the instructions properly to download the Calisto Font for free on your PC and MAC.

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