37 Top Calligraphy Font Free To Download

Who doesn’t love beautiful handwriting? The answer is everyone. Calligraphy deals with the art of beautiful handwriting. It is, in fact, a kind of art that is expressive, harmonious, and skillful. In some nations, it is equal to sculpture or painting. In this case, calligraphy font is one step ahead. The right calligraphy font can increase your project’s artistic values, elegance, and personality. Plus, it’s a total treat for the eyes.

Choosing the right calligraphy font is a time-consuming task. From so many options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That is why we have scoured the internet for you to find the 37 top calligraphy font that is free to download.

1. Bukhari

Bukhari Calligraphy Font

Bukhari is a script calligraphy font with bold lettering. Inspired by Arab aesthetics, Bukhari stands out artistically. It has a good selection of alternative styles all of which are excellent to look at. It gives a feeling of richness that many others do not.

2. Clattering

Clattering Calligraphy Font

Clattering is a script font designed with brush strokes. The movement of each letter is simply beautiful. It’s fluid and has a slightly hurried feel to it making it more human. You can use the letters in various contexts which makes the font extremely versatile. It’s free for personal use.

3. Rampage Monoline Script

Rampage Monoline Script Calligraphy Font

Rampage is a vintage script font. It’s elegant in its design and perfectly legible. The letters are swirly in a wonderful design that makes them nice to look at. It has both uppercase and lowercase characters. It’s completely free for personal and commercial use.

4. Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel Calligraphy Font

Grand Hotel lives up to its name. It’s a classy, retro, monoline calligraphic font all at once and done remarkably well. The slight heavy look to it fits great. There are alternative weights and style that changes up the style quite a bit.

5. Alex Brush

Alex Brush Calligraphy Font

Alex Brush is a severely underrated calligraphy font. The spacing between each character articulates into a very sincere and diligent-looking font. It has both uppercase and lowercase characters. Some punctuation, numerals, and special characters are also available.

6. Cervanttis

Cervanttis Calligraphy Font

Cervanttis is a signature-style calligraphic font. Cervanttis is a really professional-looking signature font. The natural flow and style of it are surely an excellent addition. It is free for personal use.

7. Sacramento

Sacramento Calligraphy Font

Sacramento has a unique look among calligraphic fonts. It doesn’t do too much like others and doesn’t do too little like other minimalistic fonts. It’s right in the middle of it. Because of this, it’s really good for where long lines of text are necessary. It works perfectly well since the characters are easily legible.

8. Fabfelt

Fabfelt Calligraphy Font

Fabfelt is an easy-to-read bold-ish calligraphy font. It works for both blocks of texts and even headlines. Fabfelt is fresh with its unique design. It’s monotone and fun at the same time. It has both uppercase and lowercase characters. Numerals and other special characters are also available and they all look amazing.

9. Arkipelago

Arkipelago Calligraphy Font

Arkipelago is a wet inky brush script font. It has imperfect handwriting. And so, it looks realistic and endearing. Arkipelago contains some extra alternative styles and weight and is free for both personal and commercial use.

10. America

America Calligraphy Font

America is a bold textured script font. It’s inspired by Childish Gambino’s hit song by the same name. It has both uppercase and lowercase characters. Tons of special characters are included too. It’s free for both commercial and personal use.

11. Bimbo

Bimbo Calligraphy Font

Bimbo is an all-lowercase script font. Bimbo is first and foremost a display font. So it’s best for logos, signage, branding, etc. This one goes out of its way to look authentic. It’s also good for meta-textual jokes.

11. Nickainley

Nickainley Calligraphy Font

Nickainley is a light script font. It’s monoline and it’s quite easy to read. The italicized look is great for logos, headlines, signages, and more. It’s free for both personal and commercial use.

12. Ochre

Ochre Calligraphy Font

Ochre calls itself romantic calligraphy. It’s so right by doing so. Ochre has an air of elegance and romanticism that very few script font manages to capture. This is a completely hand-drawn font. It’s an excellent choice for future wedding stationery, cards, letters, and other similar projects. It’s free for both commercial and personal use.

13. Faune

Faune Calligraphy Font

Faune is an ambitious font. According to its creators, this font is designed to reflect the plurality of the animal world. This makes it quite intriguing and unusual. It can be downloaded for both personal and commercial use, as long as you include author credit. There is a couple of versions for you to choose from too.

14. Pacifico

Pacifico Calligraphy Font

Pacifico is a bold and monoline font. It’s very much a retro font. The design is very calm and has a relaxed feel to it. It’s good for headlines.

15. Serendipity

Serendipity Calligraphy Font

Serendipity has grown into quite a popular font since its release. Serendipity boasts over 90 different hand-drawn characters available for a range of languages and dialects. It enables you to add a dash of originality to your projects. This font is free for both personal and commercial use.

16. Balqis

Balqis Calligraphy Font

Balqis is a simple-looking hand-drawn font. Balqis has this thing with its light and dark patches that give it a watercolor feel. It’s great for invitation cards.

17. Quigley Wiggly

Quigley Wiggly Calligraphy Font

As the name implies, Quigley Wiggly can be quite goofy. It is bold in style. Perfect for campaigns and any sort of similar event.

18. Champignon

Champignon Calligraphy Font

Champignon is both classical and formal. It’s great for invitations, place holder, titles, etc. It has both uppercase letters and lowercase letters. It also has a great number of special characters. Numerals and punctuation are also available.

19. Vegan Style

Vegan Style Calligraphy Font

Vegan style is a youthful script font. It has a trendy style to it. So, it’s usable anywhere you need a trendy style. It boasts 280 characters. It’s free for personal use.

20. Easy November

Easy November Calligraphy Font

Easy November is both swoopy and exaggerated. It’s an eye-catcher. It’s a great font of titles for things like calendars or branded items.

21. Great Day

Great Day Calligraphy Font

Great Day is a professional-looking font. It’s somewhere between being completely vintage and/or conservative. It’s free for personal use

22. Kristi

Kristi Calligraphy Font

Kristi is a casual font. It tries to invoke a sort of nostalgia. It is reminiscent of fonts used in school yearbooks. It includes both uppercase and lowercase characters.

23. Arizonia Regular

Arizonia Regular Calligraphy Font

Arizonia Regular is a really artistic font. It’s useful in various areas where you need an illustrative touch that is still easily legible.

24. Sugar & Spice

Sugar & Spice Calligraphy Font

Sugar and Spice is a festive font. It is characterized by its short ascenders and descenders. So it is great for multi-line designs. Use this at your next yard party. It’s free for personal use.

25. Shink

Shink Calligraphy Font

Shink is a unique minimalistic script font. It includes plenty of alternates, which you can use to customize your designs It’s free for personal use.

26. Learning Curve Pro

Learning Curve Pro Calligraphy Font

Learning Curve Pro greatly gimmicks the “Learn Cursive” activity book. The simple, precise lines make it a good bet for any long-form content that you’re trying to spice up while keeping it professional.

27. Crunchy

Crunchy Calligraphy Font

Crunchy is a highly authentic script font. It’s old school and stylish. It has both uppercase and lowercase letters and some special characters.

28. La Sonnambula

La Sonnambula Calligraphy Font

La Sonnambula believes in elegance. The font is thin and small while imbuing itself with a gorgeous aesthetic. It’s named after an opera by Vincenzo Bellini.

29. Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley Calligraphy Font

Lily of the Valley comes from a well-known designer called Gregory Medina – aka doxy. This font is fun and charming. This font features a full set of lower and uppercase characters. It also has accents and symbols. It’s free for personal use.

30. Flanella

Flanella Calligraphy Font

Flanella is very original with its design. The looping of the script has a certain flair to it that is quite unmatched. It’s really expressive too. It’s free for both personal and commercial use.

31. Sophia

Sophia Calligraphy Font

Sophia is a charming font. It has a feminine aura around it that makes it quite unique. Sophia uses wide and thin strokes to appear beautifully hand-drawn. It should be used where a graceful touch is needed.

32. Noelan

Noelan Calligraphy Font

Noelan is another quirky fun font. Noelan includes a number of alternates and international characters for convenience. This clean design is perfect for any modern use.

33. Milkshake

Milkshake Calligraphy Font

Milkshake looks like what a font named milkshake ought to look like. In the description, the author writes, “I wanted it to be memorable, but still be a workhorse of a script font”.

34. Variane Script

Variane Script Calligraphy Font

Variane Scriptis another excellent vintage font. This script is a modern take on the classic cursive style and is reminiscent of early 20th century American signage. It is free for both personal and commercial use.

35. Debby

Debby Calligraphy Font

Debby is a hand-drawn brush typeface. Because of its hand-drawn effect, it looks natural. It’s best for any Fancy graphics and heading. Precisely speaking with its irregular, bouncing characters, Debby is ideal for wedding invitations, posters, logos, and greeting cards.

36. Black Jack

Black Jack Calligraphy Font

Black Jack is the midpoint between sophisticated and friendly. It does this with its unique style and curves. It does it with its one style and 177 characters.

37. Qaskin Black

Qaskin Black Calligraphy Font

Qaskin Black is an unusual calligraphy font. It’s rustic while being a bit of art deco. Whatever it is, it’s excellent. It’s free for personal use.

We have reached the end of the article “37 Top Calligraphy Font Free To Download.” I hope this will help you in choosing a free and quality option. All the very best for your future uses. This website contains more helpful font-related blogs and articles which will help you in all your quires. Do check them out if necessary.

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