Best 37 Free Block Letter Fonts for Commercial Use

Why do we use fonts?

The most common answer is to grab the reader’s attention. It’s one of the most important aspects, hands down. There’s no doubt that no other font does it better than block fonts. Thus, the focus of this article is the selection of the Best 37 Free Block Letter Fonts for Commercial Use. Block fonts are attention-seeking fonts that are made with this particular reason in mind. There is no alternative to block fonts when it comes to getting your audience’s attention. When of course, it’s done right!

Luckily, there are many block fonts out there that will help you do exactly that. However, there remains a challenge. Finding one that is free to use commercially can be a headache. So, here we have collected the best 37 free block letters fonts for your commercial use. The fonts here are of high quality and, yes, free.

But first, a short explanation of what exactly is block letter font.

Block fonts belong to a broad category of fonts that are prioritized to be legible. It is mostly used in signage, advertisement, headlines, and other graphic designs where a large font type is always necessary. Traditionally the strokes of a block font will retain the same thickness throughout all of its characters. But in some artistic fonts, thicker and thinner designs are used in conjunction. The contrast between these gives the font its unique character. Some other common traits of these fonts are:

– All uppercase fonts

– Straight lines and corners that are squared off corners

– Squared of serifs

Now let’s get into the fonts themselves.

1. Blackout

Free Block Letter Font Blackout

Blackout is a solid block of font with an interesting gimmick. The significance of the name is, the holes of the letter have been blacked out. The author commented that he was inspired by idle time doodling sans serif newspaper headlines.

This block letter font comes with 101 glyphs, four character sets, and three versions: Midnight (solid), Sunrise (stroked), and 2 AM (reversed).

2. Age

Free Block Letter Font Age

In Age, the characters are rounded and structured. The tails of the letters (e.g., g and y) have been cut off. It’s a block letter font attractive all the while it catches the eye. This font is suitable for graphic designs, logos, etc.

3. Chunk

Free Block Letter Font Chunk

As the name may suggest, Chunk is an ultra-bold attention-grabbing font with a classic appearance. The author says it’s something that is produced when ‘American western meets newspaper headline. This font is best in conjunction with thinner fonts. Thus, it’s a must-add to your ‘Free Block Letter Fonts’ collection.

4. GreatLakes

Free Block Letter Font  GreatLakes

Greatlakes font has sharp tilts and cuts, giving it more impact. The heavy and strong letters have an angular design. It would look great for outdoor brand stores, boat posters, and similar marketing materials.

5. Freshman

Free Block Letter Font Freshman

Freshman is a college-style block letter font with wide bold letters. It’s pretty straightforward. The exciting part is, the lowercase characters of Freshman are just the uppercase characters smaller in size.

6. Knewave

Free Block Letter Font Knewave

Knewave is a different block letter font from many block fonts with its youthful fun look. It has a brush-style look. It’s perfect for a marketing campaign targeted towards a younger demographic.

7. Orbitron

Free Block Letter Font Orbitron

Orbitron is a sci-fi sans serif typeface. The idea is geometry. Every character from this font follows it, which also comes with four weights. Each weight is bolder than the other. It’s ideal for sci-fi posters and packaging. It’s also great for giving your design a futuristic feel.

8. Speakeasy

Free Block Letter Font Speakeasy

Speakeasy is a block letter font inspired by the art deco movement of the 1920s. What gives the font its unique identity is the sharp contracting points from the fonts’ curved lines.

9. Komoda

Free Block Letter Font Komoda

Komoda is a minimalistic font stylized with thin and tall characters. Great for casual business places.

10. Knewave

Free Block Letter Font Knewave

Knewave is another fun and bold font. The brush-like textures of the fonts are akin to paintings.

11. High School USA

Free Block Letter Font High School USA

High School USA looks exactly like something you would see in a high school in America. That’s the idea of it. The urban style is reminiscent enough to give nostalgia.

12. Matiz

Free Block Letter Font Matiz

Matiz is an interesting font with a fun attitude. The wiggly, shaky quality of the fonts is great to look at it. These properties should be taken advantage of by using it on branding or signage, where motion needs to be conveyed.

13. Higher

Free Block Letter Font Free Block Letter Font

Higher, credit to its name, is an elongated font. Its unique part comes from putting the identifying part of each character way up or way low.

14. Ostritch Sans

Free Block Letter Font Ostritch Sans

Ostrich Sans comes in several styles and weights, which even has a dashed and rounded option. The variation is its greatest strength. It would be best if you utilized it with care.

15. Summit

Free Block Letter Font Summit

Summit is an old-school modern font for various uses. It offers several styles and so weights to play around with.

16. BistroBlock Font

Free Block Letter Font BistroBlock Font

Bistroblock font is something you would expect to see in a comic book but not how you expect it to be. Rather than a style unique to a character, BistroBlock font is the character themselves. That’sThat’s how robust each character’s identity comes out. Now, that’s something.

17. Source Serif Pro

Free Block Letter Font Source Serif Pro

Source Serif Pro is a simple, classy font great for long lines of text. This serif-based font is a little different. It is thinner than other serif block fonts.

18. Promesh

Free Block Letter Font Promesh

The idea of Promesh is that it is athletic. Jersey designs undoubtedly inspire the style. There even is a Promesh 2 where the mesh texture of the font is not present.

19. Megalopolis Extra

Free Block Letter Font Megalopolis Extra

The rigid style of font is its trademark. However, the curvatures among each font greatly contrast it. It’s traditional all the while having its own personality.

20. Gabo

Free Block Letter Font Gabo

Gabo strongly resembles movie posters. Each character has a subtle tilt in them. The lower-case character has slight slits.

21. Coolvetica

Free Block Letter Font Coolvetica

Coolvetica is well… cool. The adjective is in the name. The font is reminiscent of the signage in 1970s U.S. chain stores.

22. Ultra

Free Block Letter Font Ultra

Ultra is bound to make an impact where ever it is used. It’s strong with excellent power tilting. It’s simply ultra.

23. Blu’s Blocks Font

Free Block Letter Font Blu's Blocks Font

Exactly as it is named, this font is blocky. The letters are within blocks. The stiff style is clear and modern.

24. Zebrazil

Free Block Letter Font Zebrazil

Zebrazil fonts are beautiful and elegant. It is heavily stylized. It’s great for magazine covers.

25. Glamor

Free Block Letter Font Glamor

As the name would suggest, Glamor is something perfect for the fashion or beauty industry. It has 24 different beautiful styles, made for eye-catching headlines.

26. League Gothic

Free Block Letter Font League Gothic

It is inspired by Alternative Gothic 1. League Gothic revives this old classic with its out style. The condensed style is popular among many designers.

27. Sniglet

Free Block Letter Font Sniglet

Sniglet is soft, fun, and playful. The thick character grabs attention with its soft outlook. It comes with a full character set.

28. Kilogram

Free Block Letter Font  Kilogram

Kilogram is a sharp san serif font. Kilogram boasts a great variation from letter to letter, which variation makes Kilogram very appealing.

29. Code

Free Block Letter Font Code

Code is a clean block font that gets straight to the point. It’s applicable in various places, from any graphic design to motion graphics.

30. Intro

Free Block Letter Font Intro

A simple-looking font, but the texture of Intro is very different from the rest. Great for various marketing uses.

31. Governor

Free Block Letter Font Governor

Inspired by various apartment signage of Miami Beach during the 1900s. It’s both cool and simple.

32. GB Shinto Font

Free Block Letter Font GB Shinto Font

GB Shinto Font looks like some metal gothic font but, that would be a mistake. Kanji inspire GB Shinto with a vintage undertone.

33. Gudariak Font

Free Block Letter Font Gudariak Font

Gudariak typeface is inspired by political propaganda posters made during the Spanish Civil War. Created by Vicente Ballester Marco. The typography is available in 3 different styles.

34. Goldpicker

Free Block Letter Font Goldpicker

Goldpicker is a western-style serif font with a vintage retro style. This font is very useful for covers, posters, labels, t-shirt, and logos.

35. Might Chain Font

Free Block Letter Font Might Chain Font

Might Chain Regular is the perfect font for all your fun designs. Might Chain Regular was designed by zephram, which is free for personal use only. Please, talk with the author for commercial use or any support.

36. Batik Gangster Font

Free Block Letter Font Batik Gangster Font

Batik Gangster block letter font is inspired by Batik itself. The gangster word is mostly for flavor. Decoration has been put on every tip of the letters.


Free Block Letter Font UA CADET

UA Cadet is based on a heavy, blocky Under Armor font. The font is completely free. So, it’s free for modification and customization.

We have reached the end of the article “Best 37 Free Block Letter Fonts for Commercial Use.” I hope this will help you in choosing a free and quality option. All the very best for your future uses. This website contains more helpful fonts-related blogs and articles which will help you in all your quires. Do check them out if necessary.

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