37 Best Tattoo Fonts You Can Use Freely

You can use any font to make tattoos. Also, not everything is meant to do everything. Some fonts are specifically designed to incorporate tattoo aesthetics. It could contain exotic symbols, detailed and extravagant illustrated glyphs, to diligent handwriting fonts. Thus, to give your project a unique look, you need to research the best tattoo fonts.

These fonts are not only for tattoos. These can be used for all kinds of graphics projects. Without further ado, let’s learn about the 37 best Tattoo Fonts You Can Use Freely.

1. Ananda Namaste

Best Tattoo Font Ananda Namaste

Strikingly Indian or desi, Ananda Namaste is a beautiful tattoo font inspired by Devanagari Sanskrit scripts. It contains Latin characters. It has a unique overline effect that gives it its characteristic exotic look.

2. Blessed Day

Best Tattoo Font Blessed Day

Designer Billy Argel has some of the most popular and best tattoo fonts. Blessed Day is one of his fine creations, which has a classy rich feel. It is great for stylized gothic settings.

3. BlackLetter

Best Tattoo Font BlackLetter

Blackletter is a bold tattoo font. It is a gothic style font, which has comes in two variants. One is standard, and the other is an outline. It is free for both personal and commercial use. Blackletter font is very traditional, but it is also visually appealing.

4. Lime Blossom Caps Font

Best Tattoo Font Lime Blossom Caps Font

Lime Blossom Caps Font is an all capital letter font. It is designed with very intricate floral embellishment. In this highly detailed font, each letter has been created with great care, and it shows. Lime Blossom Caps Font is bound to work great where each font is given attention.

5. Tribal

Best Tattoo Font  Tribal

Tribal tattoos are always popular. It has a sharp look to it, which has two styles. It is much more legible compared to some others. The style is visually interesting enough to grab attention.

6. Nurkholis

Best Tattoo Font Nurkholis

Nurkholis is an all-lowercase font. At first glance, Nurkholis looks like it’s Arabic. However, it’s all Latin. It is a very creative font that takes Latin lowercase fonts and makes it look like the Arabic script. It is great for both tattoos and other projects. If you are someone who likes Arabic calligraphy this will be a dream come true.

7. Delinquente

Best Tattoo Font Delinquente

Delinquente is a professional-looking font. It is very ‘out there ‘ with its rich swashes. It’s a great tattoo if you want something that is both noticeable and readable.

8. Scriptina

Best Tattoo Font Scriptina

Scriptina is Apostrophic Labs’ one of the most popular designs, which typeface has both uppercase and lowercase characters. It also has numerals and many unique characters. The long stylish letters are sure to stand out. It is free for personal use.

9. Tattoo Heavy

Best Tattoo Font Tattoo Heavy

As the name implies, Tattoo Heavy is a thick font. It has unconventional strokes that make it stand out. The style is perfect for posters, band logos, titles, and small tattoos. It is available for free for personal use.

10. Mardian

Best Tattoo Font Mardian

Mardian is a classy font, which is a sophisticated script font with ornamental initials. It has both upper cases and lowers case characters. It has numerals and many different special characters.

11. Tribal Tattoo

Best Tattoo Font Tribal Tattoo

It is another Tribal Tattoo font. However, unlike the previous one, this one uses special symbols and shapes to represent numbers and letters. These types of fonts are called dingbat. These symbols are popular as tattoo motifs. It is also simple to use as a tattoo design.

12. Champignon

Best Tattoo Font Champignon

Champignon is a swirly classy script font. It is a great font to use if your tattoo is a quote of wisdom or a line from a verse of a song. It is free for personal use.

13. Angilla Tattoo 

Best Tattoo Font Angilla Tattoo 

Angilla Tattoo is a massive script font. Huge in terms of character as it has 350+ of them. The thick swashes are reminiscent of calligraphic fonts. It is free for personal use.

14. Medieval Scribish

Best Tattoo Font Medieval Scribish

Medieval Scribish is an all-caps tattoo font. It’s both artsy and goofy. The slight medieval feel to it makes it highly unique. It is available for both personal and commercial use.

15. Unzialish

Best Tattoo Font Unzialish

Unzialish is an exotic font, which looks slightly Elvish. It is available for both commercial and personal use. The lowercase characters are just the uppercase characters but smaller, which supports some extended characters.

16. Tengwar Annatar

Best Tattoo Font Tengwar Annatar

Tengwar Annatar is a completely Elvish font. It is inspired by the Elvish language from the works of J.R.R Tolkien. It is great for fantasy lovers and perfect for Tolkien fans who want to get a tattoo. It has four styles. It is free for both commercial and personal use.

17. Brother Tattoo

Best Tattoo Font Brother Tattoo

Brother Tattoo is a handwritten font, which has a retro feel to it. It has unique swashes, which support various extended characters. It is free for personal use.

18. True Man Tattoos

 Best Tattoo Font True Man Tattoos

True Man Tattoos is another dingbat font, which has various popular tattoo designs. The glyphs are designed with great detail. You can use it as a template for your tattoo or use it to enhance tattoos.

19. Death in the Shadow

 Best Tattoo Font Death in the Shadow

This font features thick brush strokes. It has wide swashes on its uppercase characters. It’s pretty attractive for a tattoo font that is also legible, free for personal use. It has both uppercase and lowercase characters with numerals.

20. Vid’s Norse

Best Tattoo Font Vid’s Norse

Vid’s Norse is a nordic font. It uses nordic fonts instead of Latin ones. It is perfect if you are going for a Viking motif. It’s also free for commercial use and looks sharp both on-screen and on the skin, if done right, of course.

21. GoJuOn

Best Tattoo Font GoJuOn

GoJuOn is in the line of nonstandard fonts. Instead of Latin characters, this font uses kanji characters. You can use this kanjis creatively to make your tattoo or use it with your existing one for an exotic effect.

22. Hello Sailor

Best Tattoo Font Hello Sailor

Hello Sailor is a simple-looking tattoo font. It’s an all-caps font that evokes the traditional style of sailor tattoos. The thin design works great with other tattoos since the design is not intrusive.

23. Tribal Butterflies

 Best Tattoo Font Tribal Butterflies

Butterflies are common motifs in Tattoos. This font has a varied range of butterfly design that is sure to catch everyone’s fancy. It is only available for personal use.

24. Dragon is Coming

Best Tattoo Font Dragon is Coming

Dragon is a script font. It has long calligraphic swashes that make it look fancy. It is perfect if you want to name your loved ones somewhere on your skin.

25. Tattoo Ink 

Best Tattoo Font Tattoo Ink 

Typography designer Ryan Splin created this Art Deco Font. Tattoo Ink font is a unique one. Its lettering contains both scratch fill and angle fill effects. It works since it is very popular on dafont.com. It is free for personal use only.

26. Beech

Best Tattoo Font  Beech

Beech is an excellent mix of goofy and mysterious designs. The wiggly designs are reminiscent of Avatar imagery, which is a decorative font with thick brush strokes. While the lowercase characters are pretty readable, the upper case characters get pretty wild.

27. VTKS Rock Garage

Best Tattoo Font VTKS Rock Garage

VTKS Rock Garage is a tattoo font inspired by rock and metal aesthetics. The dark theme, the rough, edgy look is sure to turn some heads. It perfectly embodies the rock and garage look.

28. Schwachsinn

Best Tattoo Font Schwachsinn

Schwachsinn is an attention-grabbing font, and it has a serious appeal to it. It has uniformly thick brushstrokes and some shadow effects that give it a unique look. This tattoo is free for both personal and commercial use.

29. Shit Happens

Best Tattoo Font Shit Happens

Shit happens a font from the famous font designer Billy Argel. Shit happens in a script tattoo font. It is rustic in its approach and pretty to look at.

30. Visitation

Best Tattoo Font Visitation

When getting a tattoo, considering religious motifs is a no-brainer. Many people use Christian and other religious themes in their tattoos. Visitation font blends Latin style with Christianity-themed letters. Everything in this font looks elegant.

31. Celtasmigoria

Celtasmigoria is a Celtic-inspired tattoo font. The gimmick of this font is that the lower case characters. They all have the same patterned design, while the uppercase characters are all varied and artsy in detail. It is like this so that the first letter of every word stands out. You can use this on your tattoo design for significant effect.

32. Angel Tears

Angel Tears is the type of font you think poets always use when writing. It indeed has a touch of poetic in its design. The alternating thick and thin lines in this font are very organic and pleasing to the eyes. They look sketched. It is both rugged and has a touch of vintage all in one.

33. Canterbury

Canterbury is an old English-style font. Inspired by The Canterbury Tales, it has ‘royalty’ written all over its lower and upper case letters. It has many unique characters and numerals. If you are a history enthusiast, this is the tattoo font for you.

34. Tuamotu

Best Tattoo Font Tuamotu

Tuamotu is a south-specific inspired tattoo font. It is a font that is definitely meant to be the center of attention. The attractive design helps. It is free for personal usage.

35. Always Beside You

Best Tattoo Font Always Beside You

Always Beside You is created by the famous font creator Jonathan Harris. He has created more than 433 fonts. Always Beside You is one of his best. It’s downright gorgeous at times. All in all, it is one of the best free tattoo fonts available.

36. Xanax

Best Tattoo Font Xanax

Xanax is a font that is stylized to look three-dimensional. If you are looking for a font that looks 3D on your skin, Xanax is here to help. It has both upper cases and lowers case characters. It has a range of equally valuable symbols.

37. Drunk Tattoo

Best Tattoo Font Drunk Tattoo

Drunk Tattoo is a visually unique font because of its thin style. It looks like it had a long night. It is quite legible, but it does give off the vibe that it is off. Overall, it is a great design and a must-have for heavy night-outs.

There you go. All 37 best Tattoo Fonts that you can use freely. All these are mashed up here because of their unique features and distinctive quality. We hope this was an easy read and will help you chose the right option. For more related content, check out other articles on the website.

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