Best 37 Free Graffiti Fonts

Finding free graffiti fonts isn’t an easy task. One may face many complications in this font hunt. Some of them come from the fact that it is hard to identify them. It is hard to label which font is graffiti font and which font is not.

We all are used to see graffiti in the streets. But graffiti is not only street obscenities of hooligans in the street. It is a legitimate art form that is both creative and thoughtful. This perspective is what made graffiti acceptable and even mainstream. All that being said, here are the top best 37 free graffiti fonts available on the web.

1. Rusto Fat Cap Brush

Rusto Fat Cap Brush Graffiti Font

Rusto Fat Cap Brush is simply a classic member of the list of ‘Free Graffiti Fonts.’ It has a flowing spraypaint style. It is both bold and colorful. Great for when you need a simple graffiti-style font for your project.

2. Hosp Graffiti Font

Hosp Graffiti Font

Hosp Graffiti font is a calligraphic script font. It has bold letters and a cool-looking style. The font includes upper case letters, lower case characters, a wide variety of special characters, and punctuations. The style could also be used in cyberpunk materials.

3. Sprite Graffiti Font

Sprite Graffiti Font

Sprite is a graffiti font with three different styles to choose from. It has this strong liquid feel to it. The font is free for both personal and commercial use.

4. Hoodson Script

Hoodson Script Graffiti Font

It looks handwritten with a bouncy baseline. It is a retro font. Each curve has a personalized touch. It would be a great choice for logo, poster, headline, handwritten quotes, product packaging, header, merchandise, social media, greeting cards, or apparel design.

5. Urban Decay

Urban Decay Graffiti Font

This handmade brush font was created by Zofos. This is sure to bring an urban feel to your work. To quote, it was made to ‘celebrate graffiti, urban exploration, street calligraphy, and inner-city living.’

6. Vindica Rebel Brush Typeface

Vindica Rebel Brush Graffiti Font

This is an energetic brush font. It is an uppercase font with matching numerals, punctuation characters, and tons of glyphs. Pick it for a hoodie or t-shirt print or posters & cards. This will make any artwork worth an ovation.

7. Philly Sans

Philly Sans Graffiti Font

This bold and heavy graffiti font is a versatile one indeed. It has no extra swash, making it easier to read. It is perfect for display purposes.

8. Serpong Typeface

Serpong Typeface Graffiti Font

It’s an uppercase font. It includes OpenType Feature. It has a solid and outline version. It’s great for quotes, logos, advertising, invitations, and packaging design.

9. Tag Type Free Font

Tag Type Free Graffiti Font

Tag type is stylish and rough with its design. It has uppercase letters and both lower case letters. The special characters are really unique and look good with their alphabets. It also has numerals and Cyrillic characters.

10. Grizzly Attack

Grizzly Attack Graffiti Font

The concept of it is simple. Imagine if a grizzly bear scratched on a wall and the scratches somehow made into characters. That Grizzly Attack. The idea may be simple the execution is very much not so. However, it’s pulled remarkably well here.

11. BlowBrush Font

BlowBrush Font Graffiti Font

BlowBrush looks more like a marker than a brush. That’s why you can see it’s a handwritten font. The bold look is very good and an eye-catcher. It has a full set of upper case characters. It also has numerals, 22 ligatures, many special characters, and some variations.

12. Sloppy Paint Font

Sloppy Paint Font Graffiti Font

Sloppy paint font looks exactly how you would think it looks. Sloppy letters that look like they are slipping from the screen. Easy to see that it isn’t sloppily made. It is an all-caps font. It has numerals and other punctuation characters.

13. Crevice Stencil Font

Crevice Stencil Font Graffiti Font

Crevice Stencil font is highly sophisticated in comparison to other graffiti fonts. It’s highly stylized with a stencil look at it. It’s free for personal use.

14. Mersey Cowboy 

Mersey Cowboy Graffiti Font

Mersey Cowboy is more in line with the splatter aesthetic. You can use this on projects where a more messy and chaotic approach is required. Even with its chaotic design Mersey Cowboy is easily legible. It’s free for personal use.

15. Don Graffiti Font

Don Graffiti Graffiti Font

Don Graffiti is an old-school graffiti font. The old-school influence is quite clear with every little detail in its alphabets. It’s free for personal use and for commercial use. It’s a great choice for movie posters, displays, headlines, magazine covers among other things.

16. Nebulous

Nebulous Graffiti Font

Nebulous is a decorative-free font. Its placed into the stencil font category. It’s perfect for sophisticated sci-fi projects. It’s created by Brazilian designer Pobrenerd. This font is free for commercial and personal use.

17. Bailing Ink Font

Bailing Ink Graffiti Font

Bailing Ink is simply a beautiful-looking font. It’s expressive and it’s something that sticks out in a good way. Perfect for branding materials. It’s great for contemporary materials. It offers numerous combination possibilities between the basic glyph set and stylistic sets.

18. Brushed Font

Brushed Graffiti Font

As its name implies Brushed Font is a simple brush font. The letters are expressive and feel urban. It’s an all-caps font. It’s free for personal use. It includes letters, numerals, and other special characters.

19. Black Top

Black Top Graffiti Font

Black Top is a handwritten-style graffiti font. It’s artfully scrawly and just plain interesting to look at. Perfect for projects where you need the rough and graph look without sacrificing anything. It includes alternate characters, ligatures, bonus elements. Black Top is free for personal use.

20. Humger

Humger Graffiti Font

Humger is heavily influenced by old-school stenciling technics. It’s an all uppercase font. The design is gritty and it’s a pretty narrow textures typeface. It’s free for both personal and commercial use.

21. Humblle Rought Font

Humblle Rought Graffiti Font

Humblle Rought font has two versions. The regular version and the slanted version. Humblle Rought Font is great for retro designs. It includes alternate characters. It also has multilingual support.

22. Marker No2Hun Font

Marker No2Hun Graffiti Font

Marker No2Hun is edgy, metal and graphic. It contrasts itself with a red outline outside its thick white characters. It’s free for personal use. It has a full set of upper case and lowercase characters. It also features numerals, punctuation characters, and some alternate characters.

23. Dexgraffiti Return Graffiti Font

Dexgraffiti Return Graffiti Font

Dexgraffiti is a modern graffiti font. It’s good for projects that need a modern urban feel it. It has a full set of upper case and lowers case characters. It also includes numerals and punctuation characters. It’s free for personal use.

24. Fibre

Fibre Graffiti Font

Fibre is a free handwritten Vintage feel font. It’s an all-caps font. The characters are scratchy yet its looks very clean and are easily legible. It hangs comfortably on the line of style and substance. It’s free for personal use.

24. JuneBug Font 

JuneBug Graffiti Font 

JuneBug is childish, playful, and graffiti style. If your project is geared towards a younger audience JuneBug font is perfect. It’s free for personal use.

25. Fozzie Got A Posse Typeface 

Fozzie Got A Posse Graffiti Font

Fozzie Got A Posse Typeface is an interesting title. Interesting is what Fozzie Got A Posse Typeface delivers in spades. It’s a truly organic font that looks straight out from a graffiti painting you’ve surely seen. It has three different styles. It has a full set of upper case and lowercase characters. It’s both free for commercial and personal use.

26. Serpong Typeface

Serpong Graffiti Font

Serpong is an all upper case font. It includes two versions. A solid version and an Outline version. Serpong Typeface is perfect for quotes, logos, apparel, advertising, wedding invitations, and packaging design.

27. Metro Grunge  

Metro Grunge Graffiti Font

Metro Grunge is a graffiti font inspired by industrial aesthetics. It has underground energy about it that’s hard to miss. It has upper case and lowercase characters. It also includes numerals, some punctuation. and special characters.

28. Extreme Travel

Extreme Travel Graffiti Font

Extreme Travel is a grungy graffiti-style font. It has an inventive look. Each character has a splattery background which gives it a spray-painted effect. The demo font is available for free.

29. Vitruvian Man Font

Vitruvian Man Graffiti Font

This reminds me of the series American Vandal. This graffiti font truly brings out the vandalistic side of graffiti culture. It is wild and angry. It is a great fit when the user wants to exhibit specific expressions.

30. Youth Fury Font

Youth Fury Graffiti Font

As the name suggests, this unique graffiti font expresses extreme strength. It portrays the spirit of disaffected you. Designed by LJ Design Studios, it contains characters with sharp edges.

31. Sister Spray

Sister Spray Graffiti Font

Again, we have a font that looks like spray paint on the wall. This font includes a full set of spray-painted uppercase characters. There are some lowercase ones involved. It looks rough and messy. For commercial use, you can contact ImageX.

32. Gang Bang Crime

Gang Bang Crime Graffiti Font

Another great choice for wall art or street art. A bold, all-caps font. It has two sets. One with the dripping effect and one without it. You can always combine both and create a unique effect.

33. Polla

Polla Graffiti Font

This is a brush script that looks like someone threw paint on the wall with a paintbrush. It is messy and splattery. It has a youthful vibe that will bring life to your project. While personal use is free, commercial use will only cost you €15/$20.

34. Damsterdam Font

Damsterdam Graffiti Font

Damsterdam is a heavyweight all-caps font created by Juha Korhonen. Its characters are bold, thick, and staggered letterform. Its rough brush strokes are full of energy.

35. GONG!

GONG! Graffiti Font

A hand-drawn brushed typeface designed by Nyek. This amazing graffiti font includes uppercase letters, digits, and a selection of special characters.

36. Streamzy

Streamzy Graffiti Font

A creative and unique font by blankids Studio. It features some classic NYC-style graffiti letters.

37. Latodiseño

Latodiseño Graffiti Font

This is the unique one in the group. It is a Chicano-style graffiti font. A little stiff to read but nicely done indeed.

With that, we have come to the end of our article ‘Top Best 37 Free Graffiti Fonts.’ We hope this was an easy read and will help you chose the right option. For more related content, check out other articles on the website.

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