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Adrian Frutiger, a professional designer, created the Avenir Font family in 1988. This is one of the most popular font families among designers. There are a variety of designers who would love to incorporate this typeface into their next project.

This font’s name means “future” in French. The family is named after the geometric style of Futura typeface, which was established in the 1927s and was based on the circle of Avenir font.

He felt compelled to create a linear sans in the Erbar and Futura tradition, while also incorporating the experience and stylistic advances of the twentieth century.

But, as previously stated, no font can match the style and ingenuity of this typeface for any form of design.

Many graphic designers would like to employ this stunning font in their design projects because of the Avenir font family’s originality. It is available in a variety of media, some of which are listed here.


  • Until now, it has been one of the most downloaded fonts on the internet. You can also use it in your designs to make them more distinctive than before.
  • There are many reasons to use a font, but if you are a professional designer looking to give your projects a new look, choosing Avenir font free is a good choice because it is one of the most popular fonts in the world.
  • He meant the slightly bolder patterns for white-on-black letters to appear as black-on-white to the spectator. You may use it on a variety of hues and it will always give you a new fashionable look. You can utilize many sorts of typefaces in your designs, such as the Gotham font, but this font has its unique look.

Font Details

NameAvenir Font
TypeGeometric Sans-Serif
DesignerAdrian Frutiger
File FormatOTF,TTF
LicensePersonal and Commercial Use Allowed
TypeFree Version

Avenir Font View

Looking at this image will give you the finest sense of how this typeface is styled.

Alternatives of Avenir Font

Avenir Font Family (Includes 13 Typeface)

  1. Avenir Light
  2. Avenir Light Oblique
  3. Avenir Book
  4. Avenir Book Oblique
  5. Avenir Oblique
  6. Avenir Roman
  7. Avenir Medium
  8. Avenir Medium Oblique
  9. Avenir Heavy
  10. Avenir Heavy Oblique
  11. Avenir Black
  12. Avenir Black Oblique
  13. Avenir CondensedHand

License Information

You can use the Avenir typeface on your website, but you’ll need to purchase a commercial usage license first.

Free Download of the Avenir Font

This font was designed to be a more organic rendition of the geometric style, with details reminiscent of more classic typefaces such as the two-story ‘a’ and ‘t’ with a curl at the bottom, and to be more even in color and ideal for extended writing like Univers font.

Not only will the Avenir font family assist you in creating fresh designs. However, you may easily change your existing designs using this typeface. As previously stated, this font has several unique qualities that will assist you in creating a great design.


Is Avenir a Web Safe Font?

Ans: Yes! It’s one of the most widely used and secure web fonts available.

Which Font is closest to Avenir Font?

Ans: When it comes to font design and shape, the Montserrat font is the closest to Avenir.

Is Avenir a System Font?

Ans: Yes, it’s a system typeface that can be used on several platforms.

Font Information

Font Name: Kenan & Kel

Designer: Jayde Garrow

License: Free For Personal Use


Release/ Publishing Date2013
Glyph Count48
Supported Languages100+
Copyright(C) Jayde Garrow
Font subfamily:Regular
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