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Archive Font is a geometric font that is both bold and contemporary in design. Slava Kirilenko was responsible for the creation of this typeface. This font is available in both serif and sans-serif styles. It is available in more than 115 different characters, both lowercase, and uppercase. It includes 370 glyphs in total, as well as several special characters.

This typeface has a variety of colors and effects that may be used to transform your text into a visual image. If you’re looking for a trendy font, look no further. Each letter is created to incorporate more than one attractive feature, no matter which word you choose to form. This typeface is a Google font, by the way. It is quite popular all around the globe because of its distinctive look. This typeface is available in two different formats: OTF and TTF.

It creates a distinct impression and a stunning appearance on the display panel.. This set of over 90 handwritten characters is a fantastic way to inject a dash of individuality into your lettering and logo design. It is particularly well suited for CSS and educational systems. This font has characteristics with other Sans-serif types, including its rounded corners.


Website designs, templates, invoices, book covers, items, invitation cards, and greeting cards are just a few examples of where this typeface may be used. This font is ideal for product titles, reports, novels, notes, assignments, business cards, printing projects, social media postings, general reports, and a variety of other uses.

The structure of this font was designed with great care, and the space between each letter is well-organized, giving the text of any size a pleasing form. It’s also fantastic for quote designs, brief paragraphs, product names, website headers, footers, and presentations.

This font may be used to make logos, thumbnails, headings, and titles, among other things. It may be used to create graphic designs for websites, printing platforms, T-shirt designs, and other similar goods. Apply this font to your text or article if you want your content to seem beautiful and unique. It is well-known around the globe due to a wide range of effects.


Is Archive Font available for free?

Ans: This typeface is free to use for personal or commercial reasons. If you require it for other business or commercial purposes, you need to purchase the premium version.

What typefaces look like Archive Font?

Ans: Didact Gothic Font is the closest match to this lovely font. Both typefaces have a lot of similarities in terms of features and designs.

Who is the designer of the Archive Font?

Ans: Slava Kirilenko created this beautiful geometric typeface. It comes in a Sans-serif font in TTF and OTF formats.

Is it possible to utilize Archive Font for my logo?

Ans: Yes, you can use this lovely font to make fantastic logo designs. It’s best used for logos, graphic designs, book covers, and titles on websites.

Font information

Font Family Name: Archive

Designer: Slava Kirilenko

License: Free For Commercial Use

Contact: Website

VersionVersion 001.001
Latin 1, Cyrillic, Greek and more.
CopyrightCopyright (c) 2011 by Slava Kirilenko. All rights reserved.
TrademarkArchive is a trademark of Slava Kirilenko.
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